About us

Kia Ora! Mutual Aid New Zealand (MANZ) is a volunteer organisation working hard to assist local Mutual Aid groups during the Covid-19 outbreak.

We want local groups to deliver impact in their communities as soon as possible, so we’re creating resources to help people organise themselves and keep each other safe. It’s important to us that vulnerable and hard to reach citizens are included, which is why we’re prioritising community guidelines and innovative outreach technology to introduce important safeguards.

Armed with crowdsourced knowledge and new tools, volunteers can coordinate more effectively and focus on supporting those in need.

Who are we?

Kees Bakker

Founder & Head of Outreach

"I believe in challenging the way we learn, the way we play and the way we communicate. I am all about stepping over lines, breaking boundaries and exploring outside the box. I am a passionate, creative and self-driven individual who create solutions that install the future and fuel our curiosity."

Tom Hallam

Co-Founder & Head of Technology

Tom is an experienced cloud software architect and full stack engineer. He designs, builds and runs concise software systems with an emphasis on maintainability and usability. He evangelises continuous integration and delivery, lean architecture and the use of open source software. He has worked with the likes of Dyson, ASOS, Mitie, MTR and more to produce scalable, performant and secure software.

Find out more about him at tomhallam.co.uk.

Lauren Dowding

Co-Founder & Head of Strategy

Lauren is an award winning Strategist with over 10 years of experience in human-centre design practices. With her background in Consultancy, Lauren has expertise spanning top-tier clients from the Public Sector and NGOs through to Financial Services and Utilities.

Find out more about Lauren at laurendowding.com.

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