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Thank you so much for helping your community. It's vital that people can find the right group at the right time, and that you feel supported as an administrator of a group.

Affiliated Group Rules

  • Please make sure your Facebook group name contains the MANZ acronym, and follows the following format:This helps those in need find you more quickly. Example: North Shore MANZ - COVID-19 Mutual Aid
  • Please DO NOT allow the spread of misinformation or encourage medical advice! There is already so much bad information out there regarding this virus, which is hampering the efforts of the medical and scientific community. We should always encourage our members to refer to the official COVID response pages and call Healthline if there are any concerns. Any claims from unverified sources should be challenged.
  • Please contact us before setting up any system used to collect Personal Data (google sheets, airtable, etc.), and we will be able to assist you. The reason we ask is because this data needs to be handled carefully in line with legislation, as well as making sure it doesn't end up in the wrong hands. We are building tools to allow groups to handle this properly.
  • Please contact us if there are any requests or ideas for useful tools, as we will be collating feedback as well as a community of technical people who can build anything our communities require. A tool may already exist that we're using elsewhere.

Resources + Support

  • We are building a library of resources to help groups. Check them out here.
  • Our technical team are building out tools that will be able to help your members. We will announce these in due course.
  • When you register a support group, we will add you to our MANZ Support Group Administrators page which will contain all the latest information, resources and guidance that can be filtered down to your community. You will also be added to our communication tool, Slack, which will allow you to talk to fellow administrators and the technical teams directly

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